Lifelines “Leopold”

Have you ever taken a closer look at the lines on your palms? Deep furrows, fine lines, short, long, curved, interrupted! Some lines you have from birth, others only develop in the course of your life. This makes the palm of your hand something very unique and a visibly unmistakable feature of your person. No two hands are alike. Stars immortalise themselves with a handprint on Hollywood Boulevard. Even if your acting career has passed you by, you can now have yourself and the lifelines of your palm immortalised in a wristwatch from Leopold Atelier Horloges.

The idea for the lifelines wristwatch came to Jochen Leopold in the days before his birthday in January 2022. He reflected on the many events and milestones of his life. He wanted to make his personal life’s journey visible in a watch. A friend of Jochen’s said, “You can draw the lines of your palm on the dial, they’re as unique as your life.” A fantastic idea.

First Jochen took an impression of his right palm. Then he traced the most distinctive lifelines of his palm with a pen in gold paint. He then recreated these lifelines with a wire made of 585 gold. The golden lifelines are then placed on the dial and inserted into the case.

The lifelines watch model is made to order by the LEOPOLD watch manufactory. After an appointment has been made, your handprint will be taken at the manufactory. According to further individualisation requests, the production and delivery date will be scheduled.

At the Inhorgenta Award 2022, the Lifelines wristwatch received the top mark from the jury members in the criterion “originality / novelty of the concept”.


Delivery Time: 2 to 4 months



Case: Handmade case in 935 silver, Four handmade screws in 585 gold
Diameter: 40 mm
Height: 12 mm
Movement: Mechanical movement ETA 2824-2, self-winding, bi-directional, power reserve 42 hours
Display: Hour und Minute
Dial: Handmade dial in 935 silver, black lacquered, lifelines in 585 gold
Hands: Baton
Krone: Handmade crown in 935 silver
Glas: Saphire
Bracelet: Alligator full cut bombé
Gesamtgewicht: 106 Grams

Besonderheiten: Based on the right handprint, the lifelines are made in 585 gold.

Watchbox: lifelines book with secret compartment


Zusätzliche Informationen


Karosserie: 935er Silber
Durchmesser: 38 mm
Höhe: 12 mm
Motor: ETA 2801 – Handaufzug
Anzeige: Stunde und Minute
Zeiger: Messing-Palmenblatt
Glas: Saphirglas
Armband: Shell Cordovan
Gesamtgewicht: 90 Gramm
Besonderheiten: Bodendeckel mit Geheimfach