I was born in Pforzheim, known for its goldsmith and watchmaking history. My great-great-grandfather, great-grandfather, grandfather, uncle and my mother already worked as goldsmiths and gemstone setters.

A few years ago, I showed a special leather bracelet with a Milanaise copper clasp that I had made in my atelier to a befriended designer of mine. He said, “That looks interesting! Watches made of copper/bronze are also very popular right now and always sell out very quickly. So I thought to myself: I’m sure I’ll be able to make a copper watch case. Six months later, I went back to see him with my first handmade pocketwatch and everyone was thrilled! That’s how it started with Atelier Horloges Leopold.

I love it when women and men wear real jewellery. Watches and pocketwatches are personal pieces of jewellery that tell a story. When I can put a sparkle into someone’s eyes with watches that is individually handmade that makes me happy. My first customer Horst said at the time: “Finally a real watch.”

Every watch is unique. Just as unique as you and your life story. A watch on the wrist is a piece of jewellery. There are so many ways to customise a watch according to your wishes. The material and the shape of the watch case, for example. Since each case is made individually by hand, unusual elements such as precious stones, cartridge cases, coins or engravings can be integrated. That way, your watch becomes your very own personal piece of jewellery. Write your questions via the contact form. I look forward to hear from you to create your personal wristwatch.