Les souvenirs de la vie! We all have them and they always consist of many little stories. When we tell our life story, we are completely with ourselves. We feel ourselves. And if the other person also resonates a little, then the bond is really strong.

The fascination for jewellery enriches my life story every day.

People who wear interesting jewellery – a necklace, a special ring, earrings, a bracelet – have always had a strong attraction for me. I myself have worn watches from a Flik Flak to a Swatch and later a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Interesting watches, but still interchangeable. I think you have to be able to get more out of it so that a watch becomes a personal, unique piece of jewellery. As unique as you are. Put more personality into it, create more connection with yourself. Things that you let get so close to your body must have a soul.

Of course, the original purpose of a watch is to tell the time. Without time measurement, much of technical and social development would not have been possible. I want to create a connection between watchmaking and goldsmithing. I see it as my task to make watches that are a very personal expression of a very individual and personal life story.

Let’s take some time out and look at our “watches” as a magnificent piece of jewellery and a souvenir of a special moment in our life story.