LEOPOLD Atelier Horloges

Handcrafted wristwatches are created in artful individual craftsmanship at Leopold Atelier Horloges.

A handmade wristwatch means sawing, soldering, forging, engraving, polishing, making individual parts such as screws and much, much more. Let us create your personal wristwatch together.

Each wristwatch is one of a kind. The best mechanical movements, individual materials, gold, silver, precious stones.

This turns your wristwatch into a very personal piece of jewellery.

Yours sincerely

Artful wristwatches

LEOPOLD Atelier Horloges – your personal wristwatch

Fascinating wristwatches are made by hand in the Atelier Horloges Leopold. I am a goldsmith in the 5th generation and was born in Pforzheim/Germany, the city of goldsmiths and watchmakers. My mother, uncles, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather worked there as goldsmiths, gemstone setters and master jewellers. In 2013, I took over my mother’s goldsmith workshop and have been making pocket watches and wristwatches in my atelier in Düsseldorf since 2016. I love it when women and men wear real jewellery. My first customer Horst said back then: “Finally a real watch.” I’m convinced a handmade wristwatch can be as unique and special as you and your life.

Here is an excerpt from an article in the Goldschmiedezeitung of March/2022 about the LEOPOLD Lifelines watch, written by Iris Wimmer-Olbort:

His watches are as individual as their owner: the goldsmith and watchmaker Jochen Leopold from Düsseldorf makes timepieces on which the lines of the palm of the hand are depicted. The idea has to do with the birthday of goldsmith and watchmaker Jochen Leopold: his own birthday was an occasion for him to reflect and look back. That’s how he came up with the idea of making his personal life’s journey visible in a clock. As a symbol of life lived, he chose the lines of the palm, which are as individual as his life. Because, according to Jochen Leopold: “Some lines you have from birth, others only develop in the course of your life. This makes the palm something very unique and a visibly unmistakable feature of a person. No two hands are alike.

These lines now decorate the dial of his watch. Jochen Leopold now also offers his customers the “lifelines” model, which is custom-made in each case. For this purpose, an impression of a palm is taken to determine the most prominent lines. These are replicated from gold wire and placed on the dial. It is housed in a 40-millimetre handcrafted case made of sterling silver, in which an automatic movement from ETA is at work. The unique watch is delivered in a “lifelines” book with a clasp and secret compartment.

Handgefertigte Armbanduhren - Atelier Horloges - Jochen Leopold

Le Créateur

“My goal in making a watch is not to tell the time. I make watches because I have great enthusiasm for new forms of construction. It is my way of showing the beauty and inventiveness of traditional goldsmithing techniques. It is the entrance door to the magnificent worlds of our imagination. “

– Jochen Leopold –