Capsule “zeitlos”

Timeless. A wristwatch without classic hands. Instead, discs, like floating islands, glide over and under each other, almost silently, as if in slow motion, moving through the galaxy.

Time not as a number. Time as change, as a before and an after.

Let this wristwatch carry you through space and time.


Delivery Time: 2 to 4 months



Case: Handmade case in 935 silver
Diameter: 34 mm
Height: 9 mm
Movement: Mechanical movement ETA 2824-2,
Display: Hour, Minute and Second
Dial: Three revolving discs
Hands: None
Glas: Acryl

Caseback: individual engraving

Bracelet: Silver 935

Special features: Three revolving discs indicating the time

Watchbox: in oak


Zusätzliche Informationen


Karosserie: 935er Silber
Durchmesser: 38 mm
Höhe: 12 mm
Motor: ETA 2801 – Handaufzug
Anzeige: Stunde und Minute
Zeiger: Messing-Palmenblatt
Glas: Saphirglas
Armband: Shell Cordovan
Gesamtgewicht: 90 Gramm
Besonderheiten: Bodendeckel mit Geheimfach