Watchmaking live & close up

Pop-Up Werkstatt @ Café Greger

Sunday 5 March 2023, 8 a.m.: Work table packed under the arm and off to the Greger Café. It is always very important to show that there are very different and creative ways to get in touch with new customers or simply to bring people closer to the craft and to create enthusiasm for it. So a few months ago, together with the owner of the Greger Café, I came up with the idea of setting up my work table in the café on an ordinary Sunday, without much notice. We wanted the café guests, young and old, to be able to relax over a cappuccino and latte macchiato and see how a watch case is made, what a pocket watch movement looks like, what tools are used as a goldsmith and much, much more. To say it in advance…the enthusiasm and curiosity of the guests to see something like this live and up close was enormous. After only half an hour, Ibrahim stood in front of me and said that he had an old pocket watch at home that no longer worked and that he could quickly bring it over. No sooner said than done, a quarter of an hour later he was standing in front of me again with a pocket watch from the 1890s by the famous watchmaker Gustave Jacot from Locle. Very curious…the previous owner of the watch, I could see from the engravings in the watch, had been a well-known American beer brewer! It is simply unbelievable what stories a small ticking piece of precious metal can tell! And I myself got to know many interesting people from my immediate neighbourhood. So the watchmaker’s Sunday at Café Greger turned into an exchange about Goethe, Zeitgeist, talents, drills, bronze, silver and gold!

See you soon at the Greger!