Inspiring ideas for 2023

Leopold Atelier Horloges – a treasure box of ideas

In the current markt intern Uhren & Schmuck issue 03/2023 reports editor-in-chief Gesa Hufmann in the weekly “mi-Schatzkiste” column about the inspiring ideas 2023 of the Leopold watch manufactory.

Here a small excerpt: At Leopold Atelier Horloges, a watch is made entirely according to the customer’s individual wishes. Each watch is one of a kind. Jochen Leopold, goldsmith and watchmaker from Düsseldorf, says: “I love it when women and men wear real jewellery. My first customer Horst said back then: ‘Finally a real watch’. I’m convinced a wristwatch can be as unique and special a piece of jewellery as you and your life.” According to the watchmaker, his mechanical movements are encased in special, handmade cases, consisting of precious materials and surprising applications. Jochen Leopold has his very own standards for his pieces: “My goal in making a watch is not to tell the time. I make watches because I have great enthusiasm for harmonious, new forms. It is my way of showing the beauty and inventiveness of traditional goldsmithing and watchmaking techniques. It is the entrance door to the magnificent worlds of our imagination.” And that is exactly what he shows in his collections: For example with his collection … lifelines …, where customers can have the lines of their palm immortalised in a wristwatch.
This watch model is custom-made to the customer’s specifications. Another special feature: the ‘3 6 9 12’ collection with a sheet of metal from a classic car. Here, customers can have a wristwatch made with a dial made of metal of an original car. Another unusual item from Leopold Atelier Horloges: the ‘Nepomuk’ pocket watch. It is a watch and a patinated copper-brass design object at the same time. In 80 hours of work, over 60 individual parts made of silver, brass and copper for the dial, case and chain are sawn to size by hand, screwed together and soldered.
Inside: a mechanical hand-wound movement with minute and hour. Made-to-measure production and individuality is what defines Leopold Atelier Horloges. Jochen Leopold is constantly developing and always has an open ear for his customers’ suggestions. In this context, he tells us about his latest project, the development of a feminine watch for women: “Recently, in some conversations with women, I realised that I still have a big gap in my range. This watch, which I finished in July, will be the basis for it: Capsule Stardust watch. And I’ll tell you this much: Gemstones and one or two other subtleties will also be added.” We are curious!

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