A personal wristwatch

Time very personal

Have you ever taken a closer look at the lines on your palms? Deep furrows, fine lines, short, long, curved, interrupted! Some lines you have from birth, others only develop in the course of your life. This makes the palm of your hand something very unique, personal and a visibly unmistakable feature of your person. No two hands are alike. Stars immortalise themselves with a handprint on Hollywood Boulevard. Even if your acting career has passed you by, you can now have yourself and the lifelines of your palm immortalised in a wristwatch.

The idea for the Lifelines wristwatch came in the days before my birthday in January 2022. I reflected on the many events and milestones of my life. I wanted to make this personal life’s journey visible in a watch. A friend of mine then said, “You can draw the lines of your palm on the dial, they’re as unique as your life.” A fantastic idea. So at first we take an imprint of the right palm.

Then I trace the most prominent lifelines of the palm with a pen in gold paint. Then I recreate these lifelines with a wire made of 585 gold. The golden lifelines are then placed on the dial and inserted into the case. The Lifelines watch model is custom-made to the customer’s specifications.

After making an appointment, your handprint will be taken in my Atelier Horloges in Düsseldorf. The production and delivery date will be scheduled according to further individualisation requests.

At this year’s Inhorgenta Award 2022, the Lifelines wristwatch received the top mark from the jury members in the category “originality / novelty of the concept”.

You can now read a report about the Lifelines wristwatch here in the Goldschmiede Zeitung.

LEOPOLD Lifelines Armbanduhr mit Uhrenschatulle und Handabdruck
Armbanduhr lifelines Seitenansicht mit Krone
Armbanduhr aus 935 Silber mit Edelstein