A handprint for eternity

Connecting interests

Faruk Altinsoy is a passionate entrepreneur, design genius, supercar expert, engineer and family man – in short, an inspiring personality and person.

Here are some of the activities he is responsible for as managing director and designer: MobiBees, BeesBike, Altinsoy Manufaktur, PrioRim

When we met 2 years ago in the Classic Remise, I had just developed the wristwatch with the original metal sheet of a red Volkswagen beetle. Faruk offered me his help and I was able to present two watches at his classic car workshop. Over the following months, always on Fridays, I regularly visited him and his brothers Fuat and Lucky in the workshop. I am very grateful for this time and the pleasant conversations. Simply a super team! After the Lifelines wristwatch had received the top marks at the inhorgenta Award in the category of novelty and originality, Faruk was also convinced that he wanted to wear a Lifelines wristwatch.

During his visit to my workshop to make the handprint, we also took further time to create an individual design for the winding crown with a ruby and gold wheel, as well as the gold screws. After 6 months of manufacturing, I handed him over his Lifelines watch in person on Friday, 25 November 2022.

Let’s have a good time, dear Faruk! Here the Making-Of Video.